In March 2022, we shut down our allstreets print shop. The piece was first created in 2007–2008, and after many requests, we started selling prints in 2011. It was a fun side project that generated some proceeds that we donated to charity. After a few years of the project receiving attention, sales fell off with the proliferation of for-profit knockoffs and us not spending more time to promote it further.

The original piece was an offset print, and we also created print-on-demand versions of other countries and individual U.S. states (see below for examples). There's a lot of maintenance to keeping a store open (whether for the offset prints that we shipped from the studio ourselves, or these print-on-demand versions), and especially with being short-staffed after two years of pandemic, it was time to move on. We still have a few prints at the office and will do our best to give them to friends when they come by for a visit.

Ben Fry, November 2022