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using the process of organic information design to visualize the changing structure of a web site, juxtaposed with usage information

This is a simplified "toy" version of anemone implemented as an applet. The actual version is an application built with C++ and OpenGL. This version reads the usage data from the ACG web site from a period of time in September 2005. The applet can also run on live data, however that feature is disabled with the closing of the ACG.

This browser does not support Java.

For best results, use Internet Explorer or Firefox on a PC or Mac OS X on a reasonably fast machine.

  • click and drag to move nodes or pages around

  • use shift-click to 'release' a node

  • the left and right arrow keys control how many nodes to display

  • the white branches are the hierarchy of our site. they thicken as more users visit them, or atrophy as they go unused

  • the orange hairline curves depict the paths of individual users taking more erratic routes through the site

  • the text shows the names of individual web pages

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