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representation of all of the genes on chromosome 14, and their descriptions. boxes proportional to the size of the letters for that code for the gene relative to its adjacent and intermingled letters. the final printed piece is 36 inches wide by 52 inches tall. about the representation...

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about the representation

chromosome 14 is about 107 million letters long. 347 genes have been identified (according to the most recent data from
ucsc that was available when i designed this piece. there could be as many a 3x as many genes that haven't been identified yet.

yellow wireframe boxes signify a gap between genes, an area where the letters are considered 'junk dna'. the blue areas are parts where genes exist. the blue wireframe boxes are proportional in size to the start and end point of the gene within the sequence of letters (a few thousand letters). between the start and end points is additional non-coding portions of the gene, so the actual size of the useful part of the letters is represented by the flattish blue boxes.

ben fry | may 2001