This project uses a similar method to dismap to visually interpret Casey Reas' articulate piece. A pair of prints (one showing articulate, the other showing this interpretation of it), sized 30 x 50 inches were created as a commission for the IT University of Copenhagen.

The text of Casey's code is shown in gray, while blue lines connect the code as it is run over time. The image shows an instant in time, with the darker lines representing code that has been run more recently.

Immediate patterns can be seen: a series of loops (at the middle) that are run in succession as the piece is created. The second row of code has more minimal connections, which show how it "orchestrates" what's happening in the program.

The following is a detail of the piece shown at actual size (though the actual image is much clearer because this is only at screen, rather than print, resolution).

See also the projects distellamap and dismap for similar ideas executed using Atari 2600 and Nintendo cartridge games. The deprocess project is a later version developed in 2006.

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