Illustrations for New York Magazine

A pair of data-based illustrations commissioned for the February 20, 2006 issue of New York Magazine.

The first, used for an article titled Linkology, shows the connections between the top 50 blogs, based on data provided by Technorati. The colors depict the categorization: orange for technology, blue for politics, pink for gossip, and green for "other".

The intensity of the line is based on the direction of the link, so the lines are brightest at the link destinations. Because lower-ranked blogs are more likely to link to a higher ranked blog than vice-versa, the lefthand side of the image (the top ranked blogs) is brightest.

The articles (here and here) contain a more interesting and thorough analysis.

The image below was an illustration to accompany the main article on blogging. The magazine asked for type on a globe that was pixelated and used the same coloring scheme. The original piece was interactive, so that i could move the links around and place them in a proper composition, as well as rotating the sphere to a location that worked well.

Both projects were built with Processing. The image above used the new PDF renderer to produce a high resolution image, while the image below used the OpenGL-based 3D renderer to get fully vectorized type exported to a vector art PDF file.