four dimensional goodness - ben fry
originally completed sometime in december of 2000,
updated for processing in february 2005

based largely on what i learned/ported from HYPRCUBE.BAS
found in the following article by Ken Holmes (kholmes at

this was my initial code to figure out how these things work,
which i later ported up to an arbtitrary number of dimensions
for the "atmosphere" project. see:

  space  to enable/disable auto-movement
      t  to show/hide the text

x y z w  to wiggle in each of the four dimensions
  1 2 3  to manually rotate with respect to each plane

    f s  to move faster or slower

vector font code ported from code by jared schiffman and i from
the acg's internal graphics library "acu". vector font by josh nimoy.

the integrator is my simple spring-based integrator class.

Source code: ndim Integrator acVectorFont

Built with Processing