Did you know that for any 7 digit number, there's a 99.995% chance that it's found in the first 100 million digits of pi?

This mathematical curiosity has boiled over into “Peek in Pi,” an app for searching for numbers inside the digits of π.

Try it now: Peek in Pi

Searching for numbers in π works on the premise that you can treat the individual digits as essentially a random sequence. With than in mind, it's possible to calculate the chances of finding a set of digits of a given length:

These numbers were taken from this description of how the math works. Also from that page, this is the equation for how you calculate the number of digits:

We look forward to making further updates to explain how π works, and no doubt we also need to add a premium version that includes a billion digits instead of the miserly 100 million we're offering now.

The app was first shown publicly at the Eyeo Festival back in 2012. Check out the 10 minute mark in this presentation.

Happy searching!