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october, 2000.. a series of visual studies. large format (36x36 inch) print pieces looking at repetition, form, and structure of data
video unravelled.. trailer from the movie fargo, each line of pixels is an entire frame of video unwound horizontally. mmm.. texture. usage reaper.. a map of our group's music listening habits, with recently used albums moving to the outer edges. time to clean the mp3 collection. radial format gives more room where there is more text moving outwards, a visual normalization. pockyvision.. two thousand dbn applets, that are on our courseware server at dbn.media.mit.edu. whenever a user saves their code to the server, an image snapshot is taken. an interactive version of this piece was the result of some productive procrastination. mixing unravelled.. this is similar to the unravelled video piece to the left, but it uses a series of frames from my fluid mixing project as the input. the image shows the two fluids over time changing places with one another. more tasty texture. visual gradient.. a mountain constructed out of a plot from a dynamic graph of usage patterns on our web site. the red marks all pages from one students' site that was experiencing a light traffic day. size of the type refers to the rate of change in that page's standing relative to the other pages. time moves downwards, importance to the right.